The philosophy of our company - JOIN juice bars
The philosophy of our company

Half empty or half full ? That is the question. At JOIN Juice Bars the glass is always half full. And if it gets empty (slurp), we’ll fill it again!

Because here the team rocks. Plenty of joy, freshness and smiles offering you the foundation for a better life quality and plenty of “high” reasons to visit it every day. We offer great taste with the best of ingredients and the cool environment of a bar-with music, laughter, friends, fun company-but a healthier version, as there is no smoking and no alcohol.

We are trying hard to materialize our vision and improve the quality of life supporting the ones who inspire us, sport lovers and people who decided to change their lives by adopting new habits such as daily exercise, healthy eating, practising sports, doing extreme sports, travelling. We believe in being a team,in the youth of the spirit, in will power. For all those who want to #join life.

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