The idea behind JOIN - JOIN juice bars
The idea behind JOIN

Thirsty for freshness? So are we! This is why we created JOIN Juice Bars. A lively project for a better life,a project that supports energetic people, “thirsty” for action, people who want to drink life to the lees!

JOIN Juice Bars were created to bring something fresh to the modern urban culture, to welcome a different way of life-healthier, happier, more active and to offer to each and every one of us a customized experience of fun, in a friendly, young, full of life environment.

At the self service bar you will be welcome by the most super duper juicers in town! Always with a big smile and full of energy! Every day they serve the most eclectic, nutritional and highly creative, in terms of taste, freshly squeezed juices in Salonica, as well as a rich variety of healthy choices such as smoothies, yogurts, salads, sandwiches, snacks and exceptional coffee for you, who are always on the go.

Squeezing our brain for an innovative idea we came up with JOIN Juice Bars. And a new way of life together with them. Follow it yourself!

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